Adult Christian Education is an integral part of faith development. It provides time to gather as Christian Faith Communities in order to grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus by studying God’s Word. We are encouraged to see the relevance of the Scriptures in our lives. We are supported by those in our Faith Community and journey together in Christian love sharing in the joys and challenges of our lives.

Find a Faith Community that interests you and attend.

We are building lives of compassionate faith. 
We are building caring communities through Sunday School.



Adult Bible Study - Room 104

Leader: Waco Barnhart

Adult Bible study will begin the year studying the book of Ephesians.


Bethany Class - Room 103

Leaders: Ruth Darling and Judy Pfeister

Bethany praises the Lord in song and by studying HIS Word!


Christian Foundations - Chalice Room

Leaders: Chris McAnlis, Karen Rule, and Tom Grossenbacher

This Faith Community enjoys digging into the Bible and learning something new each week. They will begin the Sunday School year with the study of the Parables. 


Families In God - Room 207

Leader: David Krzic, Cheree Johnston, Donn Taylor and Katie Boarman

A Sunday morning gathering of Christian parents with small and elementary age children. 


Gateway - Fellowship Hall

Leaders: Leslie Critchfield, Jerry Ritzman, and Peggy Rowe (Guest Teaching Leaders as well)

Gateway, a Faith Community where YOU can care...grow...serve. They are also known for their excellent coffee. 


Scripture Seekers - Courtyard Room

Leaders: Bob Henderson, Joe Molnar, Diane Davis, Dan Sondles, Carolyn Kiser, and Karen Leatherman

Pray, seek and share best describes this Faith Community.