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FCC Preschool Director

Mary Rocha


Teachers and Teacher Aides


3 Year Old Class

Kate Gray, Teacher

Susie Barnard, Aide
Susan is a graduate of Cloverleaf High School and received a degree in Secretarial Science from the Medina County Career Center. Since 2007 she has served as a substitute Teacher Aide in the 3yr. old, 4/5 yr. old and Pre K classrooms for First Christian Church Preschool. She, along with her husband John and their three sons are members of FCC Church. Susan has also been involved as a teacher for the Nursery and 3 & 4 yr. old Sunday School Classes at First Christian Church.




Kim Pickard, Teacher

Kim worked has worked for FCC Preschool since it opened in 2006, first as a substitute, then as a Teacher Aide, and now as the Pre-K Teacher since 2011.  Kim has a degree in Medical Assisting and worked for ten years in both Pediatrics and Family Medicine.

Kim and her husband, Kevin, live in Wadsworth and have three daughters that they home-schooled during their elementary school years. Kim also has a background in teaching drama and music to children of all ages.

Liz Zeleznak, Aide

Liz started as an FCC Preschool parent in 2008 and with her youngest graduating this year from FCCP, she is excited to continue being a part of our school.  She enjoys baking and spending quality time with her husband and three children.