January 27 Schedule

9:30 am: One Worship Service • 10:30 am: Annual Meeting
11:45 am: Luncheon

[No Sunday School]

We strive…
…to be a body of women carrying out God’s vision through works of the heart, hand, and time.
…to let the God-inspired passions of the women at FCC be the center and catalyst of all ministries, meetings, learning, growth, fellowship, and outreach.

We seek…
…to serve the spiritual needs of the women within the body of FCC Wadsworth.
…to provide opportunities to fill spiritual voids, gain Biblical insight, and express our faith through works that benefit others.
…to foster Christ-like relationships through fellowship.
…to embrace every woman as family and provide a safe, encouraging environment that will share the joy and love of Jesus Christ.

We rely…
…on the passions of each other to help offer a variety of ministry opportunities that will produce spiritual growth individually, collectively, and in the community.

We offer…
…Bible studies.
…Book studies.
…Outreach opportunities.
…Fellowship with sisters in Christ.
…the opportunity for anyone to create a ministry that will facilitate the spiritual growth of the Women of FCC.