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The Legacy Foundation is an avenue for the receipt and management of gifts through wills, bequests and other estate planned giving. These gifts to the church are transferred to the Legacy Foundation and are placed in the Current Ministries and Permanent Funds.

The Current Ministry Fund will serve the immediate needs of the church that cannot be supported through the General Fund budget. The Permanent Fund will be a permanent and everlasting legacy from the donor to the congregation. This ensures that these gifts benefit both current church ministries and also become part of a permanent endowment. At least half of the funds received go into the Permanent Fund. These are carefully invested, with five percent of the current value withdrawn annually to be used for church needs. The remainder of the gifted funds go into the Current Ministry Fund.

Money from both the Current Ministry and Permanent Funds goes towards outreach, building capital improvements and maintenance, along with other needs of the church that are not funded by annual budget. Legacy Foundation Funds are not part of the annual budget and will not be used to offset budget shortfalls. Those contributing to our church are assured that through the Legacy Foundation their gifts will benefit FCC ministries both now and throughout the life of the church.

If you may be interested in the Legacy Foundation and estate planned giving options, more information is available in the Church office.

Click here to see a PDF of the Legacy Fund Brochure.

Click here to see a PDF of an example Legacy Plan.